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The Official TwilightTEENS Livejournal Community!

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We are the official TwilightTeens!

the official livejournal community

Welcome to the LiveJornal branch of the TwilightTEENs! This community was created to reach out to other LJ users who have yet to discover us.

Who are the TwilightTEENs you may ask? We are a place, more specifically a forum, of teens who adore the Twilight series. We discuss the books, chat about the Twilight Community, and even take time to make new friends in the process. We love sharing MySpace Role-Play accounts, graphics, fanfictions and any other fanworks. So, if you're between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five, or you're currently a TwilightMOM, then drop by and join today!

are here for a reason.

All posts are moderated! If your post has been rejected, check the rules to make sure you followed all of them. If you still have questions and are not sure why your post was refused then please see the "Contact Us" section to send an inquiry to the mods.

o1. Absolutely no character/actor/author bashing. We love Stephenie Meyer and her characters. Otherwise there would be no TwilightTEENs! We also care dearly for the actors portraying the roles from Stephenie's novels. Let's be respectful people.

o2. Be nice. Everyone in this community has an opinon. Let's be mindful of others and keep things positive!

o3. Posts must be related to the Twilight series. Please no controversial topics such as religion and politics. There are other communities in which you can join to discuss those matters.

o4. Tag your entries with our existing tags. This will help keep our list clutter free! If you think there has been a tag that we have missed, please contact one of the mods so we can add it to the list.

o5. Before making a post regarding news/questions/etc. please check the tags to make sure it has not been previously discussed. This will help keep double posts at a minimum.

o6. Keep your posts free of netspeak, caps lock, and foul language. Fonts should remain standard with the default settings such as size and color. Bold/italics/underling is acceptable but should not be abused.

o7. When submitting fanart, fanfiction, etc. remember to tag them appropriately! Untagged posts will be deleted. Also, when posting your fanfiction please include the title, author, character parings, rating and summary.

o8. If you refuse to follow the rules or behave in an inappropriate manner you will be banned. The mods of this community have the right to reject any post they find unsuitable. Again, any questions regarding this rule can be taken up with any of the mods. Just message one of them.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the mods:

cullenchick | fishloveslion | nifflerfan
paradiseseeker | vaaaalerie

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